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Project insight

Interiors need more natural light

People are healthier and happier when they feel more connected to the outdoors rather than isolated from it. Growing up on a farm with greenhouses and root cellars has given me a special knowledge of energy efficiency and how spaces interact with the outdoor environment.

The concept

Our end goal is to build a prototype facility that combines the passive energy and natural lighting abilities of a greenhouse with the energy efficiency of a cellar to create building that provides maximum user comfort with high energy efficiency.

Stage 1

The next step in our journey is to upgrade our design/CAD software so we can effectively communicate our vision to the world.

The Impact

The biggest challenge with this project is to get people to see how their everyday surroundings could be different if we are willing to think outside to box and explore possibilities. With your help we be able to create a vision of our technology that will allow people to vividly connect with our idea and see what we see and help us bring it to the world.