Save Time. Save $$$. Drink Beer.

Costs and usage guidelines (subject to change):
-membership fee: $9.99 one time.
-beer is purchased at cost on your behalf, see beers page for more details
-single case import service charge: $7.99/case plus HST
-two or more cases service charge: $5.99/case plus HST

-A case is any pack of 24 units (bottles or cans of any size).

-A pack of 48 is considered to be 2 cases of 24.
-we buy your empties on pickup too.  We’ll take your empties back for you and you keep half the deposit; we’ll credit you 5¢ per bottle or can and apply it to your next import order. 
-if beer prices change during processing, your account will be adjusted on your next import order to reflect the change.  Never miss out on a sale!  Also applies to price increases.  Your current statement including empties credits is available on request.
-missed appointments rebooking fee: $7.99/case plus HST.
-all Import orders must be prepaid and have a confirmed booking to be processed.​

Government issued photo ID is required to receive your import order. 

General Facts:​

​​Service available to members only.
To qualify for membership you must:

   -Be referred by an existing member OR staff member. Go to our Apply Now page to get your staff referral. *subject to approval.
   -Be of the legal drinking age (in both provinces).
   -Live within the service area (determined by your postal code, urban Ottawa  only.)
   -Have an approved membership application
Limited number of memberships available. 
Current openings: 10

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Bentley Brewers Private Beer Club

Bentley  Brewers is a private beer club where members can import beer from out of province for personal consumption.  Your imported beer comes right to your door, usually for LESS than it costs for you to go to the store yourself.  The process is simple, convenient, and entirely online.  Import beer today with a few clicks and receive it usually the next day.

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