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Cellarman's Crate Original casing powder is a special blend of herbs and spices traditionally used in the tobacco industry to enhance the natural qualities of tobacco. Our formula took 12 years to develop and now we're making it available to home tobacco growers and pipe enthusiasts. 

Product Details: 40g casing powder per package. Contains: sugar, herbs, spices, propylene glycol, ascorbic & citric acids, powdered oak, corn starch.

Does NOT contain tobacco.

Keep out of reach of children. Not for beverage use.

Using tobacco products may be harmful to your health. Buyer uses this product at his or her own risk.

Cellarman's Crate is a private label distributed by Brewer's Delight Inc. Ottawa, Canada.

How it works: Add 1 teaspoon casing powder to 150ml of liquor (example: vodka, rum, whisky, or brandy) and steep in a cool dark place for 3-5 days. Strain through a coffee filter. Spray onto dry, cured tobacco and allow liquid to penetrate leaf. Tobacco can then be dried to a moisture level suitable for storage, or additional curing methods such as stoving, steaming, pressing, and fermenting can be employed. It is recommended that tobacco be allowed to age after casing, blending, or any other treatment in order for flavours to merge and develop. Store unused casing liquid in a cool, dark place.

Cellarman's Crate Original 40g

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